Ages 3-18
Our recreational dance classes for children and teens are available for every skill level. These non-competitive dance classes offer a relaxed, fun environment for your child or teen to learn how to dance with others of the same age and ability.


Learn the building blocks of dance in this beautiful, classic dance form. From beginners to more advanced ability levels, our classes meet your child where they are and help them progress in their style and technique. It’s never too late to start! Our ballet classes are taught by a Progressing Ballet Technique Certified Instructor.



Tap dancing is known for the rhythmic sounds made by metal plates on the dancer’s shoes. Our tap dancing classes offer energetic fun for kids of all ages.


Jazz is a lively, versatile dance style that teaches flexibility, strength, and musicality. Beginners will focus on mastering basic dance skills and forms, while more advanced students will explore new choreography and techniques.


This athletic training class is designed to strengthen and condition dancers, ensure safety, and prepare students for high intensity training.

Acro Dance

Acro dance incorporates elements of tumbling and gymnastics into classic dance techniques. Students will learn precision movements, coordination, tumbling skills, and more in this fun, energetic class. Classes are taught by an Acrobatic Arts Certified Instructor.


Hip Hop

Students will dance to popular, energetic music as they learn the techniques and combo tricks of hip-hop. This is a great class to encourage individual expression and help dancers get out of their comfort zone!