Liz Nelson

Retail Manager, Ballroom Dance Instructor & Wedding Dance Choreographer

Liz Nelson, originally from Houston, TX, received her training at BYU, where she graduated with a degree in psychology and a minor in dance. During her time at BYU, she passed all of her ballroom certification exams with honors. In addition to passing these exams, she is certified to teach Silver Latin, Gold Latin and Gold American. She also competed at the United States National Amateur DanceSport Championships many times. In 2009, she placed 4th overall in the Cabaret competition. In 2010, she placed 2nd in both Gold Latin and Gold American competitions. In 2011, she placed 2nd in the Gold Bar American competition. She has also had the opportunity to teach dance. For two years, she was responsible for teaching and choreographing the routines of a middle school ballroom team and individual couples. After her time at BYU, she moved to Boston, MA and continued to pursue her love for dance at a local studio where she participated in classes.

Ms. Liz loves to share her love of dance with her students. She loves to watch them grow into the great dancers they can become.