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    Hello Potential Season 9 Competitive i.Dancers!

    This is a friendly reminder to register for the Audition Prep Camp AND the Auditions.  Please register in advance, online, using the iFamily Portal.  http://independancestudio.com/OnlinePortal  

    Payment to hold your spot is due upon registration. 

    I have already had an influx of new dancers to the studio that are registering for both. There are lots of exciting changes coming with Season 9!!!  It is really important that all prospective Season 9 team members register for both events- and in advance. I have already booked a few new judges from other studios outside of Gainesville! I'm planning to schedule pop-up master classes with a few of these judges during the Audition Prep Camp. This will give all of the auditionees an opportunity to build a rapport with their judges! In addition to these classes, dancers at the camp will be drilled in technique, skill work, audition etiquette and parts of the "surprise" choreography that will be learned at the actual audition.  

    Please note the important dates below! Something new this year: I'm holding TWO parent meetings, both of which are required in order for your child to audition/participate.

    • Audition Prep CampAugust 14th-18th ($99) 5-7 pm
    • Season 9 Parent Informational MeetingFriday, August 18th at the conclusion of camp 6:00pm
    • AuditionsAugust 19th Time Schedule TBA upon enrollment/registration ($25) 8:30 am- ??
    • Choreography Week for Season 9 DancersAugust 21st- 25th Schedule TBA upon audition results ($149 base)
    • Choreography Week Show and New i.Family (parents & dancers) Season 9 Information Meeting- August 25th 
    • iDance Birthday Party/ Registration Dance PartySunday, August 27th (mandatory new team event) 1-4 pm
    • Fall Classes Begin- Monday, August 28th 
      • ***Unless your balance is at $0 with the studio, you will not be permitted to attend any of the events above nor will you be permitted to audition for the Season 9 team.


    Something NEW I would like to have everyone getting a start on is the requirement of CHARACTER SHOES.  Everyone 12 & Over MUST HAVE A PAIR at the Prep Camp.  They will be REQUIRED at Auditions!!!  Below is a link of practice character shoes I like, and you can order them on your own.  Please do not wait until the last minute. ORDER THEM NOW!  If you do not audition with your own character shoes and you are 12 -18 years old, it will negatively affect your score and results.



    Please let me know if you have ANY questions regarding the team and auditions!

    Mary Knestrick

    IndepenDANCE Studio

    Owner & Director


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