• We are located at 7050-10 Archer Road in Gainesville, Florida. Our studio opened in 2009 and has created quite a buzz in the Gainesville area. In our first year we have welcomed hundreds of students of all ages through our doors. First dance or theater class? Are you a veteran to the arts? Do you have a child with special needs? We cover it all at indepenDANCE, and we are excited to see what the 2015-2016 season has in store for us! Come check us out- we strive to uphold our open studio policy. Class observations and studio tours are welcome any day of the week, and as ALWAYS, your first class is always FREE!!! Come see what all the 'i.Dance' buzz is all about. IndepenDance Studio, where kids AND their parents can "Find their Light". 

    As seen in a few photos below, we have a beautiful facility equipped with top of the line marley dance flooring.  We have TWO viewing rooms with two-way mirror installed in each.  YES! You can watch any classes you want.  Let's not forget about our surveillance system in which we have a flat screen tv showing you the many angles of our studio.  With two different studios filled at all times, we wanted to share with you what your kids are doing each week!  You can pretty much catch a glimpse of any fun action that is going on, any time you want! Not only do we have nothing to hide from our customers, we are excited to SHOW you the awesome learning that happens every day at our studio.  

  • Hang out with us on FACEBOOK!

    Hang out with us on FACEBOOK!